3 Pin Bundle

Regular price £20.00

Save £4 with my 3 Pin Bundle Pack!


Simply choose 3 pins from the options below* and then add the bundle to your cart. On the cart page, click on 'Add a note to your order' and write the name or number of the three pins into the box. You can choose the same pin multiple times if you like!

Lapel pins to choose from include*:
1- Choose Life
2- Mardy Bum pin (black and silver)
3- Mardy Bum pin (black and gold)
4- Mardy Bum pin (purple and gold)
5- Menace to Society pin 
6- No Rest for the Weird pin (white and silver)
7- No Rest for the Weird pin (black and gold)
8- Good Morning Campers pin
9- Optimist pin (white and gold)
10- Optimist pin (white and silver)
11- Optimist pin (pink and gold- SOLD OUT)
12- Love Saver pin
13- Head In The Cloud pin
14- Miserablist pin (black and gold)
15- Miserablist pin (black and silver)
16- Miserablist pin (purple and gold)
17- Oxford Comma (black and gold)
18- Oxford Comma (black and silver)
19- Beautiful Monster (silver and black)
20- Beautiful Monster (pink)
21- Brains of the Operation (black and gold)
22- Brains of the Operation (pink and gold)

*Dependent on availability. If a pin you've chosen is out of stock, I'll pause the order and let you know so you can either; choose an alternative pin, pause the order while I restock, or receive a refund.

Click on the link below if you want a 5 pin bundle deal where you get 5 pins for the price of 4!

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Orders from the rest of the world will be sent out using tracked postage and can take between 5-15 working days to reach their destination.

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