to the first Cobalt Hill blog post! 

Having started Cobalt Hill nearly two years ago now (crikey!) I’ve realised that I’ve actually been quite shy in letting you guys know a bit about me, when familiarity is one of the nicest things about independent brands.  Personally, I love hearing the latest news from my fave makers, getting insight into their goings on, and selfishly, it’s comforting to read that other makers are going through the same highs and lows as me.

 So first things first….who, what, why and when! 


I’m Claire….the designer, the maker, the marketer, the packer, basically the girl boss behind Cobalt Hill.  If you’ve visited me in any of the Leeds and Manchester markets, you probably would have met my little bro too who often keeps me company.  I live in London but have just a tiny obsession with the North so I’m frequently up there hanging out with friends and family.  My flat’s front room is my design studio, work bench and warehouse.  Fortunately, I have one very forgiving housemate who doesn’t mind the Cobalt Hill takeover! 


I’m a 3D designer in my day job so Cobalt Hill is my outlet to realise my own ideas, which weirdly I get most of the time when I’m walking to my day job!  As you can see from my website, my products are quite a mixed bag, but they’re all a reflection of things that I’m interested in.  My pin collection definitely reflects my love of pop culture, music and my sense of humour…I love a bit of wordplay and it really is great when I see people laughing at my pins at markets. 

I own quite a huge stash of statement necklaces, especially acrylic necklaces, and I have the computer design skills to create the laser cutter design files, so my necklace collection came about by putting one of my skills and one of my passions together. 

My slogan clothing is a combo of my love of cosy leisurewear and words (again!)…who doesn’t love a big ass warm sweatshirt to binge watch Netflix in! 

I’m hoping this year I’ll be stepping away from the computer a bit more and will be doing more drawing which may or may not reflect in future products…let’s see how it goes first!  I do like a bit of drawing though.  I find it relaxing and takes me into my own headspace…one of my favourite places to be!  Ha !


I don’t know if you’ve ever had to come up with a company name before, but it’s really difficult!  The name Cobalt Hill is my favourite colour, Cobalt Blue, paired with my surname.  Conveniently the initials are also the same as mine- I love it when things come together like that!


Now I can’t guarantee the regularity of these blog posts!  Ha!  My day job can become all-consuming at times to the point where even posting a pic on Instagram can be difficult!  What I will tell you about future blog posts is that I’ll be looking at; amazing pins from other talented makers, a deeper look into my products, some behind the scenes posts, pictures of inspiring things I’ve seen out and about, and information about upcoming promotions and markets. 

You can keep up to date with all my new blogs by signing up to my newsletter.  Signing up to the newsletter also bags you 10% off your first order from this site…great! 

Anyway, that’s all from me for now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a bit more about Cobalt Hill.  See you back here for the next post!

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